I will be doing two internships. One at ASAP and one at the Professional Development Center (PDC) at City Tech. I will be working with at ASAP Monday through Wednesday and at PDC Thursday and Friday. My first assignment at PDC is to create a flyer for an event. It is a panel for women in relation to financial success. The event will be in Brooklyn and feature women who are entrepreneurs. As for ASAP my first task is to design the graduation program. I am to work with another graphic designer. We started to look at templates and spoke with the person overseeing the project to get an idea on what the program would look like. I started to design the cover and the other designer started working on the inside of the program.

Meanwhile at PDC, I had designed different styles of flyers to send to my supervisor. She liked two flyers and asked that I combine them to create one unified design. I started working on creating the flyer and send the design over for feedback.