This week was an exciting week. I visited Sacks and met the team. They were all very friendly and welcoming. They were all so busy preparing for an important dinner that was just days away. It was an award dinner for the Women’s Builder Council, another company owned by Renee. They were designing a book that showcased all the nominees for the awards and contributors. I met Kassy who is the creative director, she was very patient with me and even tasked me to help her with some work. I had to put together a presentation that would also show all the nominees. It is to be played throughout the night during the dinner. I made sure I did a good job. I wanted to leave a good impression, so I worked diligently and communicated with the team as best as possible. I was in the office for majority of the day.

The next day I was back at PDC. I continued working a number of flyers that I was tasked with. Bradley, another one of my supervisors, really liked a flyer I designed got a DCAS and PDC event. I was towards the end of designing that flyer and I had to continue working on another poster for a fraternity event that would take place in LaGuardia Community College. My internship at PDC was coming to an end so I tried to get as much done. I didn’t want to leave projects incomplete so I agreed to continue designing unfinished projects remotely.