Office Hours This Week — and No Class Next Week

A reminder that I have extended Office Hours this week: Today (Thursday) from 12–2PM, and tomorrow (Friday) from 11AM–12PM.

As we discussed during class yesterday, there is NO CLASS on Monday, Dec 12.

Yesterday was our last, in-person class. (P.S. Everyone who asked for an extension until Dec 12 on their Final Portfolio received one.)

I will be available to you Online for questions or help.

Emoji Poem

I see a dog on my lawn pooping.

I get angry as I see his owner not pick it up.

I grab my BB gun and take aim at the dog.

I woke up and realize it was just a dream.

(No dogs were harmed in the  making of this poem)

Emoji Poem


Fall is here

The temperature is dropping,

strong winds are coming

Leaves are falling

Geese and ducks are leaving,

Owls are staying

Plants and flowers are wilting

Civilians wearing warm  clothing and drinking hot beverages

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