ENG1101Section305, Fall 2019

Big Ideas Welcome Here

Notes for last official class, Dec. 19 (Important)

Party! Last Class!                                               FAQ Sheet for Dec. 19

(required by college: attendance — therefore: we party )

M. O. U. — Moving On Up day

Q (Student): What do I do???

A: You bring donuts snacks donuts anything you want to eat for yourself plus food to share (thanks!)

Me (Professor): What do I do?

A: I give you back your Notebooks; I give you back your Research Papers; I party.

Q (Student): Could I use this last day as an opportunity to make up for poor attendance/lagging class participation…? Could I: Read aloud from a play with a classmate? Sing a song? Recite a poem? Create a playlist of music that will make us all smile? Teach something, anything, that I know? Recite Helen Keller?????

Me (Professor): Yes.

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