The Sun And The Naked Tree



I have just took the photo today (10/10/2015). I was on my way out of my house when I got to the front porch I noticed how strong the sun is radiating today by it burning my eyes on first sight. I have been looking for things to take picture of and right at that moment I have found what i want to take picture of as I remembered how it was cloudy in the past few days. In my photo, you can see the sun radiating strong sunlight along with a naked tree and some house roofs. I find the light radiated by the sun to be fascinating especially the line going across the picture because I couldn’t have seen that if I had not have taken the photo as the strong light burns my eyes and I could barely see anything. That lights could only be seen on a photo and cannot be looked at with our bare eyes. Although I don’t think the house roofs make much of an impression, the blue sky does make the sun stand out.

Another interesting point of the picture is the contrast between the sun and the naked tree considering the fact that it’s in fall season now and that most plants are going in dormant. The naked tree, possibly in dormant judging from the fact that its “naked”, might not be taking in much sunlight for photosynthesis but the sun is still radiating strongly at least for today it is, what a waste I felt especially that I have some plants and the window I put them in often don’t get much sunlight.

Lastly I want to mention the blueish dot on the lower right corner of the picture. It was there when I was trying to take the picture and I couldn’t get rid of it which I feel this kind of relates to prof. Scanlan’s photo. It’s so complicated.


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