Reflective Image

Upside Down


This Photo was taken a couple weeks back, in a retail store, in downtown Manhattan. I was out shopping and saw this globe which was in the perfect position in order to create a reflection of the wall behind it. When i first snapped the picture i didn’t really realize the depth the image had to it. It caught my eye on how the background and the foreground was blurred which gave the globe the perfect light to create the image with deep detail of the wall behind it, while the light hit the globe and created an upside image, I was baffled that i actually captured an amazing shot like this. This image was only able to be taken from that certain angle, so I believe this photo is a very good example of perfect angling and light on an image.

By, Brandon Delacruz


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  1. A says:

    Hey Brandon Delacruz, i think this is a really interesting image, because i thought by you being in front of the globe you would’ve been able to see yourself holding the camera, however i wasn’t. What i really like about this image is that it looks sort of like a painting and the globe sort of makes a depth of field on its own, while you were making a depth of field with the globe and the background.

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