Techno Trash Information for Recycling

Five Steps to Turn in Techno Trash Essay/Extra Credit:

  1. At least 500 words
  2. __ I have spell-checked my essay
  3. __ I have grammar/style checked my essay
  4. __ I have proofread my essay before posting
  5. __ I have asked a friend/classmate to read my essay


Due Date: November 30th




  1. Read over all your freewrites
  2. Select your three favorite freewrites, make a photocopy or retype them.
  3. Write a 300 word review/reflection of your freewrites, especially describing how this process helps you to generate ideas. Turn in the three freewrites and the Reflection

Due Date: November 25.


Hi Class,

Thanks to Kyle for asking this question: where should we take our electronics to get recycled in New York?

Here are two links that help answer that question.

First, here is the city government website that provides a list of what is and what isn’t illegal to put in household trash:

Second, here is a link to Call2Recycle;  put in your zip code to find recycling centers near you:


Prof. Scanlan

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