Akeem.L.Upside Down Bridge.Picture

Akeem Louigarde
English 1101 (Prof Scanlan)
October 10, 2015
Upside Down Bridge

     In this Photo, you will see a Manhattan Bridge, but instead it is upside down. At first, before the photo was taken, I thought that anyone would notice it, however when i took the photo, it came out to be not bad. Especially with the sky’s color matching part of the bridge’s  color, which gives the viewer a sense the sky is the road. When you look at the top of the Bridge, it has a sort of handle bar sticking out, which makes the sky or road, look more realistic or as if the sky is stuck onto the Bridge, because it looks like a shadow laid out on the road. In addition, the green in the background also gives the idea that the Bridge is not upside down.
I decided to take this photo, because I was experimenting trying to figure out whether or not can a Bridge still look like a Bridge that isn’t upside down even if its upside down knowing if you flipped part of the Bridge’s structure, the triangles, a person wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s upside down.

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