Final Essay Instructions Are Up

Hi Class,

I’ve posted the Final Essay Instructions in the Assignments menu tab. Also, the three articles are posted there, too.

For Thursday’s homework: Read through chapter 6 (page 200) and then write a 250-word journal on either consumption, families, or sexuality. I realize this is a bit different than what I wrote on the board today. Journals are a place to experiment, so don’t feel necessarily constrained by my directions (or lack thereof).



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5 Responses to Final Essay Instructions Are Up

  1. Rogue Bayron says:

    Professor, can you please quote the first line of page 200? I have a digital copy so what I see is completely different than what shows on hard copies. Thank you!

  2. Rogue Bayron says:

    This is the first paragraph I see on pg 200: “I could see his profile and her small face beyond, looking up at him. ‘What is it now!’ he said, turning the page and letting his hands drop to his thigh. ‘You irritate me. Your very presence irritates me!’ His eyes moved over the page.” (Rice 200)

  3. Hi Rogue,

    My page 200 (the end of Chapter 6) is a half page and it ends with the sentence “I want to go directly now to Paris.” Then Part III begins. Does that help? Chapter seven begins with the line: “I think the very name of Paris brought a rush of pleasure to me that was extraordinary…”

  4. Ismail Akram says:

    Professor, do we have Quiz 3 this week? I don’t remember you mentioning anything about this. Please don’t make it this week, I already have 3 others piled up right now.

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