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Rogue Bayron
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Rogue Bayron
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Communication Design
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3D Modeling, Illustration, Animation, Astronomy, Gothic art.


Goth – Gay – Genderqueer – Artist – Anime Lover – Gamer – Mass Effect Nerd – Horror movie fanatic – HUMAN

Hello all you Ghouls and Ghosts out there. I am Rogue and I am totally named after the X-man. I am currently in the Communication Design major and am entering my last year with New York City College of Technology. I will be graduating in Fall 2016! I want to be a video game designer. I love video games, especially fantasy role-playing ones.

I am Genderqueer so I prefer they/them pronouns or simply use my name instead of pronouns. I am a long time activist for Equality, especially for Transgender rights. Aside from my usual show of support to the Trans community, I attend a number of marches and rallies for the cause.

If it weren’t already obvious, I am a Goth; I enjoy the subculture and music very much and am a body piercing and body mod enthusiast. Although I have no tattoos, as of yet, I do have 21 piercings. Yes, they all hurt. Ha ha.

I am a freelance traditional and graphic artist and am currently accepting commissions. I mostly use colored pencils, pen and ink or graphite pencils, when working traditionally.

I have only recently discovered my techniques in Photoshop painting but I must say I do enjoy it very much. Though I haven’t done many digital pieces, the ones I have done have been featured in my school’s Student Art show. I am also a huge font nerd and love typography.

I enjoy making logos and metal logo designs. My favorite font to use is Futura by Paul Renner. My next favorite would almost certainly be Verdana.

Thanks to taking a few animation and modeling classes, I have discovered my love for 3D modeling and rendering using the program Autodesk Maya. It would be wonderful to model video game characters for the next big fantasy game!

I mostly watch yuri anime but also really enjoy anything with Sci-fi or has great action scenes. Some of my most notable favorites are Ghost in the Shell, Strawberry Panic and Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne. I am also the Vice President of the Anime and Gaming Underground club here at CityTech. Stop by our club room in the 5th floor atrium lounge if you want to sign up or see what we do!

I love Astronomy! I took two astronomy classes here and really enjoyed it. My favorite planet is the beautiful Saturn and it’s icy moon Enceladus.

Now that you all know me a bit, please don’t hesitate to say hello. I may be a little shy at first but, once I am comfortable, I am very outgoing.

Thanks for reading my bio!

My Courses

COMD4900_D298 Internship  SPR2016 Goetz

COMD4900_D298 Internship SPR2016 Goetz

Assignment to find fieldwork/study situations of approximately eight hours per week at an internship site approved by the Department Internship instructor such as an advertising agency, graphic design firm, corporate design office, publications art department, photography or illustration studio, TV or multimedia production company. Students will be required to keep a learning journal of their internship in the form of a blog using Openlab. A portion of the class will be devoted to presenting and sharing experiences with classmates. Students will learn how to assess their talents, update their resume, and promote themselves and their work through social networks. Students will be required to setup and maintain at least two social media networks such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

ENG3407 D560 Gothic Literature, FA2015

ENG3407 D560 Gothic Literature, FA2015

Gothic Literature and Visual Culture

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Anime Gaming Underground

Anime Gaming Underground

Anime & Gaming Underground is a social club where people who are interested in animation, Japanese anime, animation/anime card games (such as: Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh), roll playing games, and video/computer games can hang out and have fun.