Thoughts for Thursday

Hi Class,

The rest of the semester looks like this:

Thursday, Dec 10: Peer Review of Essay 2 draft and Discussion

Tuesday, Dec 15: Essay 2 Due in Class (no late papers); Final Exam review

Thursday, Dec 17: Final Exam (last class)


As you continue to write and revise your essay, keep in mind these details:

  1. Make sure to accurately summarize the article you are using (briefly: one or two sentences).
  2. Make sure that your thesis is strong.
  3. Make sure to utilize key scenes and character interaction/dialogue to support your ideas.
  4. Make sure to select and highlight strong quotations. Don’t end your paragraphs with a quotation: comment on each one.
  5. Make sure to guide the reader, don’t assume that we readers can put it all together without your strong guidance; hold our hands and explain things. Present insights and breakthrough ideas.
  6. Consider a conclusion that goes beyond a summary of your thesis.
  7. Review the assignment details to make sure you are doing what is required.


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