Entry Number One
Milton Glaser, Creator of Iconic “I ❤️ New York” Logo Dies at 91 – La Voce  di New York
Milton Glaser (Illustrazione di Antonella Martino)

For my Communication Design Theory class which I took last semester, we were assigned to pick, research and present one designer and their work. I have picked an Iconic New York City designer, which was Milton Glaser (1929–2020). Glaser is very well known and famous for his simple and iconic I LOVE NY logo, and more familiar work to New Yorkers. However, I LOVE NY became one of the most iconic and recognizable logos globally. According to a Telegraph newspaper article, published in 2011, the logo generates more than $30 million a year in merchandise, and the ESD (Empire State Development) receives a significant portion of the profits. In addition to use of trademarks requires prior approval from the ESD a valid license agreement.

After reading the AIGA guide for copyright, this quote stood to me  “designers should spell out the rights transferred by type of use, media of use, duration of use, geography of use and any other description that makes clear what the parties intend.” and reminded me of Milton Glaser’s iconic logo, thinking how registering and putting a copyright makes a huge difference, and if it wasn’t registered, would Milton Glaser get any credit for creating it?

My first task I received during this internship was to create a logo for the organization, that should be imitated to the United Nation’s design. I was provided with the organization’s branding guidelines which includes the typefaces and colors to use, and the DO’s and Don’t us of the logo. and my first question was is this will be okay to imitate the UN logo? because of the logo copyrights, and was it was confirmed with the supervisor as the organization is a UN chapter which allow us to use a similar design.

AIGA Business_Ethics 47556757-Guide-to-copyright-1-MB.pdf



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