The third week of my internship I continue receiving tasks from my supervisor and delivering, and with the new chapters for the organizations we have been receiving new tasks to create new designs. Yesterday, the head of the marketing department set up a call for all of the interns to meet with the chairman and the founder of the organization, who greeted everyone and asked us about our experience of working with them and being a part of their work. In addition to briefly sharing with us their plans in opening new office locations, and buying new computer devices for designers to use, which it is supposed to be after things get back to normal. The call lasted about an hour, we had the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas. Although, he recommended that we can work in groups and share feedback with each other.

For the new chapters there were social media groups pages created and I was assigned also to create related designs such as chapter logo, that shows the flag of each country chapter, and cover images including the logo of each chapter.

I have also requested permission from the organization to share some of the work I created, and they approved it. 

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