Internship Update.

It has been a pretty interesting journey so far, as I continue my internship with my company, I get to meet new people and build a network with my co-workers, managers, and supervisor. Receiving more assignments and tasks to create new logos or a magazine layout. Frankly, I was hoping for more challenges, and I was expecting to be involved in bigger projects to learn more and improve my skills in other areas besides logo design. I was hoping to be involved in designing a website or a mobile app, to be part of a UI/UX team, where I can establish my career as a UI/UX designer. Apparently this is what they can provide for now, and I totally understand and am so grateful for the opportunity. They are trying to give designers enough assignments, but at the end of the day they are still a small non profit organization. So their funds are pretty limited, especially now, because of the pandemic. Moreover, I remember our meeting with prof. Nicholaou, she advised us to have more than one internship even if the class required only one, but she explained that would be more beneficial and helpful for our career, and now I see how this will be useful.

For this week’s tasks , I was assigned to design a large number of chapter’s logos starting with a few existing designs and continuing with rest. After I finished my last task, which was designing a logo for the Egypt chapter, my supervisor assigned me to design 11 more chapters’ logos, to have the same theme and appear to be related to the main logo of the organization. Although, designing chapter logos, I simply use each country flag for their chapter, or add some element from their flag or identity to the logo to be recognized and related to the chapter (country) and the organization, which should be familiar and recognizable by each chapter’s community. I have requested a permission from my supervisor to share some of the logos in here and they have approved it.

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