Photo by Andreas Klassen,

As I have obtained my internship position and successfully managed to get along with my team and supervisor at this non-profit organization, I was assigned with new tasks from the head of the marketing department or sometimes directly from the chairman and founder of the company. I got to admit that everyone was welcoming and helpful from day one, which definitely helps to make you feel like you belong to the group. The fact that in our marketing department we all use one email account  and all have access to everyone’s work and designs. According to the CEO, that was made for a reason, which is providing feedback on each other’s work, and if one of us falls behind, the rest of the team can help, and doing that by providing suggestions and help to catch up with the rest of the team.  

I have learned from the founder that they are working on extending and continuing in opening more chapters overseas to extend their remarkable work to help as many people as they can, and I’m interested in continuing to be part of the organization either in their marketing department or somewhere else. Although this is a future plan, for now I’m working on completing my internship requirements, in addition to enhancing my skills, and  learning more from my talented and creative team. Moreover, we are receiving more tasks to design logos for the new chapters, and for the existing ones. For instance, designing mock-ups for the merchandise, or social media quotes, and monthly newsletters. 

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