It has been a pretty busy week for me at the my internship work, with after I finish my last task of designing logos for the new chapters, I was assigned to redesign the existing logos for the existing chapters. Moreover, the chairman assigned me to redesign logos for “Morocco, Bangladesh, Lebanon, and India, in addition to create a new design for Syria, Peru, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Liberia, Turkey, Tunisia, Malawi, Nigeria, Ecuador, Nepal, Puerto Rico, and Columbia” Some of them were easy as they are similar or close and same colors. for instance, Columbian flag and Ecuadorian, or the Turkish, and Tunisian flags, the Egyptian and the Syrian flags. Some others were pretty challenging as the Nepal flag that shaped as two triangles on the top of each other, that was a pretty challenging to fit inside a “J” alike shape which is sample of the organization logo that you can see on the figure I’m including with this post. My supervisor’s feedback was pretty helpful as we worked on it together, by adding some changes and playing around with shape or flag samples, until we came up to an agreement. I must admit that was a little frustrating at the beginning but eventually I appreciate the challenge and the practice of solving design problems, that designers like myself need to learn and practice.

Although, I have already accumulated the hours and emailed my supervisor the Time Sheet and the evaluation report. Then I was told that he is going to email them after filling them out and sign them to my class professor directly. Moreover I was assigned by the supervisor to design a few more banners for chapters on social media pages. 

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