Installing an Eclipse with Ruby Plug in

Decided to attempt to get Ruby working in an Eclipse environment.  I am using as my tutorial an article from Digerati and Technology Reports (April 17 2011) by Mike Hubbartt and can be found here.

Note this tutorial is only to get Ruby up and running.  My computer already has Ruby up and running.  I selected Eclipse Classic version 4.2.0.  This is a different build from what I normally use which is the Java IDE environment.

Step 2.2:  I needed to add a couple of additional review pages to what was suggested here: mostly to accept the terms of the license agreement.  However, once doing this, it seemed to load.  Once loaded I was prompted to do a restart.

Upon going through the steps, the code snippet was not sufficient in that Mike generated the class object to run, but never instantiated it.  The final comment from RubyFan provided the example code.

One thing that I did not like about this particular installation is that every time I try to run, I am prompted as to whether I want to run Ruby Script or Ruby Test.  This takes a couple of mouse clicks to engage and so is a big productivity suck.

In addition, the Ruby Test does not function: “Testing Engine not configured for this launch configuration”.  I did some research and it seems that for this particular installation, I am supposed to do a debug configuration and select Test::Unit as the Ruby Testing Engine.  However, Eclipse reports “this module does not look like Test:: Unit test.



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