HeadFirst Rails: First use of Book

I love the Head First series, for their tongue-in-cheekiness as well as the tiered approach to learning.  So I was eager to receive this book and start to go through the process with Rails.

It is important to recognize that, at least my book, is based around Rails 2, and the newest iteration of Rails is version 3!  So there are some significatn changes.  This Post will highlight things that need to be done differently.

A good post “Using Head First Rails with Rails 3.x”┬áby Tim Van Gelder┬ádetails the modifications required to use the book:

I also refer you to this article “Upgrading a Rails2 App to Rails3” by Rizwan Riza.

  • The Book refers to using the call “ruby script/”. ┬áthis call is replaced with “rails”
  • When creating a new project must use the term “new”. ┬áso instead of “rails new_project” one needs to use “rails new new_project”
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