Aesthetic Mapping: The Pitch

You may have never walked down the streets of Pierrepont and Columbus Heights and I can assure you that you are missing out on some beautiful things. I believe my proposed walk would be very appealing to a lot of people because of the beautiful sights you can see on your way to the train station. I believe I have some great sights on my walk. My focus was mostly on buildings but there were also other aspects like beautiful trees on my walk. There will be a lot to catch the eye of a person who has an eye for architectural design. On my walk I see a beautiful post office whos architecture I believe would catch anybodies eye no matter what the aesthetic. My second sight is the residential area around Pierrepont and Columbus Heights. Each building looks pretty cool in there own way, and lastly I will speak on the beautiful sight on Columbus Heights between Orange and Cranberry streets. These streets have beautiful sights to offer, each sight has its own way of conveying a beautiful building in an unsuspecting area.
The post offices construction was five in 1891. Then in 1974 it became a national Landmark meaning it can’t be moved or changed now. The building was built in a Romanesque Revival makes for a beautiful building. Usually a post office would be a plain and boring place but this one will immediately catch your eye because of the way the building curves and protrudes out and over your head. The post office is also one point five acres and it looks like a Castle at first glance. If someone were to see the building for the first time they would not believe what the building was because it is that pretty to look at.
Secondly, the residential area of Pierrepont and Columbus Heights. The residential area is beautiful. A man while I was on my walk told me that most of the houses built in the area were built post Civil War. According to the Brooklyn Heights Association the neighborhood gives us a mix of old New York and the 21st century, juxtaposing the old and new. Whenever the old and new come together it makes for a great composition of anything.
Lastly, before the subject finally heads to the train station there is one last sight there is a space on Columbus Heights between Orange and Cranberry streets. Where the city and the bridge are in a perfect picture frame of New York. In all the other sights I knew what to expect. Before I came across this sight I was just expecting to see more post Civil war buildings in the residential area. When I came across this spot I believe I saw it at the best possible time, which is at night in the dark. When the sun is all the way down and each building and light post are shining their brightest lights and the juxtaposition of the Bridge and City makes a beautiful sight.
In conclusion, I believe that my walk is an appealing for many people. The beautiful sights of buildings in my walk were very appealing to look at. I think every subject no matter what the aesthetic will love this walk. There is so much to catch someone’s eye on my walk I think it will be impossible not to be happy. Although a lot of it has to do with architectural designs each aesthetic still has an eye for the simplicity of just Art and Beauty.

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