Aesthetic Mapping: The Route

Sadly my picture didn't capture the true beauty of this sight
Sadly my picture didn’t capture the true beauty of this sight
I chose my route based on the train I take and what I truly believe would be beautiful to see before you get on the train to go home. My beauty was based on architectural buildings and simply how pretty the buildings were. I did my walk at night it was dark enough to need street lights and bright lights on buildings which made each building more luminous. First you leave on the Adams street side and then go up Johnson street once you have crossed the street there will be a giant building on the right that looks great and you would be surprised to know it’s a post office. The architecture of the building is very Roman Inspired. At the corner of the post office building turn left and there is a small park which is also quiet pretty. Quickly after entering the park there will be a quick right to exit the park onto Pierrepont street. On the left you will eventually see the Brooklyn Historical Society and that building is also nice with the different realistic faces on the buildings face. Continuing on pierrepont street the residential areas houses are very well put together with color and architecture. You continue until there us basically a dead end, and turn on Columbus Heights. The residential area on that block is also very beautiful. Most of the buildings in the area were built post Civil war according to the man I spoke to while walking pass, but he seemed pretty confident in knowing that information. In my opinion the best part of the whole route is while your on Columbus Heights between Orange and Cranberry streets and there us a perfect view of the city and the Brooklyn Bridge in a perfect shot I call it “New York in A Nutshell” then you can take Cranberry street straight until you enter into a small park with the A,and C trains you will be at high street and your journey is complete.

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