In chapter 8 I decided to focus on strength. Amy Denver was only looking for velvet and Sethe was just trying to get away from her past. Amy Denver, the little white girl that ‘she is also called saved the day. The time period of slavery was very rough, so running away, if found came with a very bad consequence up to being starved to being branded with an r on your body. Two strangers met randomly but connected somehow. The young girl could have easily turned Sethe over back to Mr. Garner and probably could have been closer to getting the velvet she always wanted.

Amy Denver completed a selfless act and without her stepping in, chances of Sethe and her baby probably would have never made it on their own. With Denver, getting the last name of savior it shows that each of these women are associated with strength by doing the right things even if you have to put your desires aside for the better. Amy Denver coming into the picture in Beloved was a great scene because it  showed that despite her skin color, she did what she would want anyone to do for her if she was in that situation.


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