Part 2 of Essay #2

Beloved in Wordle

“The Choice”

This is not a drawing or video, it is simply just words. But to me I feel that these words speak louder. The passage I chose explains when Sethe is talking about how she first tried to escape Sweet Home with her children. I used the site to create this image in order for viewers to get a sense of how the passage I chose may look differently. I inserted the passage and then tried to find the right type of style that would make the words in the passage stand out to the viewer. I wanted to show ordinary text from a passage to be looked at differently. There were certain words to me that stood out when I read the passage and I wanted the viewer to see that as well with this image. The words that stood out the most in this image are “go” “maybe” and “case”. You can see how they are the only words that are vertical and a different color than the rest. Although they are just simply three words, to me I want the viewer to see them differently. Sethe maybe should have heeded the woman  or should go back to Sweet Home in case of Halle coming back. You can see how that these three simply words in a normal passage are now highlighted to give you a different perspective of the image.

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