Memory: Bringing two stories together, forming the truth.

In this story so far, Sethe did not know why Halle did not comply with her in leaving Sweet Home. Later on, we see Paul D comes into the picture and ends up staying with Sethe. In an argument about Paul D pressing Beloved for information about how and where she came from, Halle’s name comes up. Paul D ends up telling the truth about Halle, filling up the mystery that Sethe was trying to figure out. So we see that Halle, actually witnessed what happened to Sethe and how instead of intervening, his heart was shattered and like, his entire psyche was broken. Who else wouldn’t be heart-broken of seeing their wife being treated like that, the schoolteacher stealing her milk must have been the worst that had him shut out and not being able to go escape with Sethe. Afterwards, Paul D saw him sitting ‘blankly’ by a butter churn. He had smeared butter all over his face. At the time, Paul D was ignorant of the events in the barn and thus wondered what had caused this breakdown in Halle. But Paul D could not physically form the words to ask him because he had an iron bit in his mouth. At first, Sethe was mad that Halle did not intervene but that’s when Paul D explained to her.

It is always tragic to witness someone you love being raped, being treated like that. In this case, he was really broken down to the point that he could not even escape out of there with Sethe, leaving her while she goes alone, pregnant. Also, on her part, she did not know the actual truth, making her resent Halle these past eighteen years that she has been away. I believe it was good that Paul D filled in the blanks about the past and set them right.

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  1. Memories are created and based around your loved ones, for the most part. You make a great point, that although it took so long, ignorance is not always bliss. I believe, that although Sethe was hurt for eighteen years by the lack of detailing of what had happened with her husband, she had felt abandoned. Paul D’s action of completing these gaps may have caused both positive and negative effects on her. You bring up the point that Halle saw her getting raped, and how that had a negative effect on him. It resulted on him not following her from escaping Sweet Home, but it still leaves a gap on what had happened to him afterwards. Until this point, we don’t know why he actually abandoned her. That brings up the question if he truly loved her in my opinion. Why would you leave someone behind even after something horrific happened? Wouldn’t that make one have more of a connection of affection towards them?

  2. It is said sometimes that knowing the truth can be more harmful than complete ignorance, although not in all cases. In Sethe’s case, I believe that her finding out the truth about what happened to her ex-husband Halle after she tried running from Sweet Home put her at some type of ease. I think this because for the past eighteen years she was completely ignorant as to what had happened to her husband, who was supposed to leave with her that same day, but instead abandoned her while she was beaten and raped. Now that Paul D told her the true story about what happened to Halle, I believe that she gained some sense of closure with what had happened to him. Although she was mad at first, she later became relieved in some type of way because she finally knew the truth. I personally know that things bother me more when they are left uncertain and with a question mark at the end. I believe it is always better to learn the truth, even if it isn’t what you want it to hear, rather than not knowing for sure what really happened.

  3. I have also come to the same conclusion with Sethe and Halle having no communication or seeing each other, Paul D had answered all the questions she’s’ asked. The unfortunate night where Sethe was blindsided and recently having a newborn was raped and her milk were stolen. As Halle watched the mother of kids going through something so vile, he felt there was nothing to do. Their plans of escaping had been shattered. Without Paul D finally building up the courage to tell Sethe about the truth, it’s a good and bad thing because even though he did not run away with her it’s not clear to where he is located now. So still there is another piece missing to the story. I believe that the horrifying scene that both Sethe and Halle witnessed/ was a part of completely changed them that day that their relationship was not the same.

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