after reading Fictions of Authority , the poem assigned I felt like the woman speaking through the poem happy with her husband. During the seven weeks they spend together she never felt regret and expresses this feeling through the letter. She speaks of the qualities she admires about him, and how in their time together she has looked for a reason not to be together and so far yet hasn’t found that.


“I tell you my dear husband is of the of most amiable of men, I have been married seven weeks, and have never found the least reason to repent the day that joined us, my husband is in person and manners far from resembling ugly, crass, old, disagreeable, and jealous monsters who think by confining to secure; a wife it is his maxim to treat as a bosom-friend and confidant, and not as his play thing or menial slave, the women chosen to be his companion”     – Beginning of page 9 Line 7-18

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