– the promoter, manager, or conductor of an opera or concert company.

I found this definition on

I found this word in The Hunger artist by Franz Kafka

“ The impresario came forward without a word—the music made talking impossible—raised his arms over the hunger artist, as if inviting heaven to look upon its work here on the straw, this unfortunate martyr (something the hunger artist certainly was, only in a completely different sense), grabbed the hunger artist around his thin waist, in the process wanting with his exaggerated caution to make people believe that here he had to deal with something fragile, and handed him over—not without secretly shaking him a little, so that the hunger artist’s legs and upper body swung back and forth uncontrollably—to the women, who had in the meantime turned as pale as death. ”

i has no idea was impresario meant so reading this I didn’t totally understand who this man was and why exactly he was doing what he was but now that I know the definition I get why he was there and why he did was he did. This word is a great vocabulary substitute because it’s not commonly used.

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