Deity (plural)

Deity – A god or goddess.

Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/deity

I’ve encountered the word “Deity” on the reading called “I Always Write About My Mother When I Started to Write” written by author Bia Lowe. In the reading it is part of the sentences, “She was in every way my female deity.” This was found on the second paragraph, and on page 1 of the reading. After understanding what the word “Deity” means and refer to, I learn that the word was used in the reading to describe how much the author Bia Lowe respect, and loves her mother. “Deity” is a word to describe someone who is beautiful, strong, and powerful, resembling to a god or a goddess. Bia Lowe, believes that her mother beauty is beyond this world, and she emphasize that by describing her in details of how perfect, and beautiful her mother is. BY knowing that Bia Lowe describe her mother as a female “Deity”, this shows Bia obsession for her mother. Bia Lowe claiming “She was in every way my female deity.”, tells us that she is admiring her mother, as the perfect female figure upon all females. This is “Aphrodite” the goddess of “love” and “beauty”, this is what Bia would describe her mother to be.

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