HW 1: Thomas Holton “The Lams Of Ludlow Street”

Thomas Holton “The Lams Of Ludlow Street”
1. I think this photograph is more of a documentary photograph.
2. The Photographer was trying to give the audience a sense of family although you see buildings in the background the rack of clothes shows that a family is involved.
3. the photographer didn’t make all the buildings blurry and some of the clothes are a little blurry but i don’t think he needed to blur the background to make the rack of clothes pop out because they pop out on their own the colors and brightness puts emphasis on them.
4.Although blurring out the background was not needed i think he should have maybe darken the background a little to contrast the clothing. theres more backlight in this image.
5.My eyes automatically go to the clothing on the racks also the racks make your eyes move you follow the rope down the picture it flows right down.
6. Besides the racks of clothes the buildings in the back also give off a family feel the buildings don’t look like cooperate buildings their more like apartment complexes too.
7.The photograph doesn’t really give a powerful feelings its more casual and normal like an everyday routine someone in a household hangs up the clothes to dry which is why it also screams out “family” to me.
8. Thomas holton’s has a lot of family oriented photos like a family in the bedroom laying on the bed, photos of a photo of a family, a mother watching over her kids while they shower. the photographs in “The Lams Of Ludlow Street” is family themed.

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  1. Documentary is an appropriate label for this work. Good point that depth of field is limited to the mid-range in the photo. The closest objects and the farthest objects are out of focus. They appear a little soft. Also, the clothes and hangers are bright and colorful, in other words have personality, while the background is largely beige and impersonal. This creates the sense of a specific family creating their mark in an anonymous environment.

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