Hw.1: Chris Ramsaroop

Michael Kenna

http://www.michaelkenna.net/gallery.php?id=14¬†—¬†Image: Central Park Bench, New York City, USA, 2000

1- The Photograph is an Empty Bench at a Park that looks like it was Taken at Nightfall Due to that one Street Light in the Background being On.

2- Perhaps, Kenna’s intention of the photo was to make it that even you’re having many difficulties on that one specific area (The Darker Area in the Foreground), if you keep moving on, there’s always that one shine of light that will help you reach your goals. (The Light Area as you keep on going to the Background)

3- Michael Kenna used Selective Focus when taking this Photograph. As you can see, the Front of the Image seems to be the Sharpest. As you progress to the Background, it becomes more blurry.

4- The Technical Matter helped the Image because with the Blur in the Background you’re able to see more of the Shine of the Street light as opposed to a Clear Sharp Image with less of the Light from the Street Lamp Showing.

5- In this image i feel that Tone plays a Huge Role in the Image as well as the Perspective. Tone being because of the Dark Areas in the Foreground leading to the Light Areas of the Background which makes me think he used a High Contrast in this Photo with the Very dark and Very Light Areas with a Touch of Gray as well. The Perspective is in Deep Space as the bench is going more into the Background the smaller the Bench becomes. As well as the Line which was a Diagonal, the Bench made me look from the Left and then going back made me look towards the center which made my head shift over and up to the End of the Bench.

6- The First thing i noticed right away was the Bright Street Light in the Background, but what i didn’t notice as much was the light on the Trees, maybe it was the light coming from the Street light that caused the leaves to shine brightly when the image was taken or perhaps there were actually decorations of lights on the trees. Another thing i noticed was that it looks like there’s a Face with the Two White Lights coming from the Right of the Tree looking like two Bright Eyes, with the Black Area looking like a Nose and a Smile. Perhaps it was there to lead the Person into the Light.

7- It makes me feel that there’s more to life than just Failure. If you keep Trying hard enough you will soon be able to Reach your goals even if there’s a hard Road at the the Start. Just try your best and work hard and it will soon Lead you to the right Direction.

8- This Photograph Relates to all the Others taken by the Same Photographer because in all the other photos, he always has a High Contrast in the Light and Dark Areas of the Photos, mostly with the Dark Areas in the Foreground or surrounding the Whole subject which is a Light Area and it makes me feel that what this photographer is trying to say is. Just do your best to Succeed and Follow your Hearts. Don’t Listen to other people, only your Dreams and it will soon Lead you towards a Bright Future.

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  1. As you state high contrast or use of contrasting tones and perspective are strong features of this photograph. Both help transform this photograph of an ordinary park bench into an emotional experience. Shallow depth of field transforms the tree into an array of lights. Shallow depth of field and the perspective lines of the bench create a sense of deep space.

    Try not to read too much into the photo. I would say the photographer was simply trying to show how beautiful everyday life can be. This is its own inspirational message.

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