Green-wood Cemetery


I picked this photo because I had seen a photo of the fountain in the book that I looked at in the Brooklyn Historical Society.  I was really looking forward to seeing the beautiful fountain and I was lucky enough to see it when the sun was shining :).  There were a lot of visible differences between my photo and the one at the Society.  In the old photo the trees were shorter and not so lush.  I knew that the cemetery was going to be very fancy and not just your every day headstones.   Not just because of the photos in the brochure but even at that time it was a destination spot which cost a lot.  I am really glad I got to go and definitely want to go back and and check out some famous stones.

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    I chose this photo because last week I researched about the Brooklyn Theater Fire and I wasn’t expecting this huge monument. This monument was tall and it looked like it could reach to the heavens. This monument showed the 100’s of people buried in the same grave since they weren’t identified when they died. It’s a perfect height for all those who passed away. It made me really wonder about the people who were buried under there. I was happy to be able to see such a monument that was that height to symbolize how much people were buried together. It was a great experience.

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