Video Editing

This is a video project that was required to interview one of our students.

The video should be between 1.5 and 2.5 ┬áminutes long and involve cutting from a longer video, while we have an interview for around 6 mins long. This is one of the challenges that I need to face. When I edited the video , I need to pick up which parts of the video fits in the projects. I have the introduction of Yan and the ending for her. However, chosing the correct part and combine them to the video is petty hard for me because Yan didn’t talk much in the interview. Also, she talks really soft and she just doesn’t want to have the interview. I have tried my best to pick the best part from the whole interview.

On the other hands, the music for the background is hard to be chosen. some music may have strong tempo that do not fit the video. Some music have lyrics that cover the voice of the interview. Furthermore, it’s really hard for me to pick music for the background since I only know a few songs. Whem I am editing the video and the backgroung music, I need to messure the volume of the music so that it would not cover the voice of the interview.

Last but not least, I have a few experiences on helping my family edited video. However, I don’t have any programs that could edit video. I has to download a tiny video editor app in my phone and use it for the whole project. I would say having a programe is really inportant to do anything you want. You need a good tool before you start anything.