The Quote

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

The first draft

The first idea of this project came from the stairs, since people go upstairs step by step. In the quote there is “step”, so I added footprint into my design. However, I think it didn’t work really well, and it looks similar and boring i the first draft of my design.






Process and Final

For the idea of “a thousand”, I turn the quote into a different size and transparency. The whole quote in high transparency as the background while the “ONE” step out with a red big design. In order to make sure everyone can see the quote clearly, I allowed one of them has no¬†transparency.

Quote 1.pdf


For the idea of “step”, I search the photo of the footprint on a breach. I put the quote blue in color and let them stay in the career. The blue color refect the idea of the sea.


Quote 2.pdf


For the third design, I put a transparent footprint as the background but with a red one on the two careers. I tried to show the idea of ” the beginning of one step”. The letter ” ONE” is red in color, which is attractive and pops out from the whole quote. I basically make the whole design stays in a simple way, by using red, white and black.


quote project3