Hi guys! My name is Rachel and I am currently an advertising design student at City Tech.

Different from most of the students in City Tech, I am an international student. I come from Hong Kong and I panned to come to American for art and design. Comparing Hong Kong and New York, people enjoy making art and they pay much more attention on artists here too. When I was in high school, I had chosen Chemistry and business as my electives, but I regret. I love art and design, and I decided to attend New York City College of Technology in Communications Design.

Art, design and comic inspire my interested and me. I started my interested once I read a Japanese comic book. Many people think comic is not a kind of art but I have learn a lot from them. For example different angles of body shape, how to draw different backgrounds and buildings. These skills help me a lot on my way to learn drawing and design. I have chosen advertising design as my major because it include lots of different type of design such as film, drawing, photography and graphic design. I believe I can learn a lot and I hope I can work on art and be a designer in the future.