November 10 Status

Dear Emerging Scholars,
Congratulations on a successful tech and shoot last week.  My actors commented that they thought your work was efficient and on par with professional standards.
We’ve completed a major stage of the project.  We still have a good deal of work left.  I would like the entire crew to meet at the Blue Studio in Voorhees on Tuesday from 1-2:15 this week to work on the box and discuss what still needs to be done.  I have a meeting until 1:30 — I will join you then.  But please begin work by testing the projector in the box.
For Tuesday:
Andrew: Have keys for access to Blue Studio. Make sure you bring the projector.
Irina: bring a few different images to project on the back for the test.
Nicole, Andrew, Mike: connect new monitor to computer tower and set on mount on lower lip of the box.  Bring second computer tower to connect to the projector.
Christian and Irina: Discuss when you can get together to edit film and score the scene (sound effects, music).
By December 3 (date of the Poster Session for the Emerging Scholars projects), we need to complete the following:
Test projector lumens.  Purchase new projector if not powerful enough.
Test projection wall — painted black or white?
Focus and mount projector on inner ceiling
Build monitor mount.
Paint outside of box (we will discuss best color/images — we should make it look like the outside of a purpose-built theater … yes?).
Build internal stage platform (thrust)
Edit scene for monitor projection.
Add sound effects and score to the scene
Create background scenery for projection
Mount speakers
Add cloth curtains and masking to hide wiring, projector, speakers, etc.
Build display tower (to house wiring and computers)
Set up control board for power, projector, monitor, sound, etc.
Submit receipts to David for refund
Complete OpenLab site: add production photos, interview videos, documents, etc.
Create poster for the Poster Presentation on December 3-4
If you can think of anything else, let me know.

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