STAGE 1 [IRINA, STEVEN, NICOLE, ANDREW, MICHAEL, CHRIS]: Meet on Tuesday 11/19 from 1-2:15 to COMPLETE CONSTRUCTION OF THE BOX.  Steven and Michael: you should probably try to complete a couple of these items prior to Tuesday.

* Complete stand and wrap with masking (I expect plywood is too costly — will black material work — something that is inflammable?)
* Remove back of box
* Install RPS to back of box
* Paint outside of box (Black?  Do we want to make it look like the outside of a theatre building — perhaps paint some windows and a stage door on the sides?)
* Attach the tray for computer monitor
* Create a frame to hold the cloth tarp that covers the audience member (to remove all ambient light from front of the box)
* Install black cloth onto the frame of the “auditorium”
STAGE 2 [DAVID, IRINA, CHRISTIAN]: Irina and Christian complete editing of the actor’s scene.  David Smith is composing some introductory music for the scene.  This needs to be put into the sound design.  Irina supplies background image for projection.  Perhaps some moving elements in the background as well (setting sun, circling crows).
STAGE 3  [ALL PARTIES]: Tuesday 11/26, 1-2:15. Tech the box. Install, run cables for computer towers, projector, monitor, interior lights, and “go button” for the start of the scene.  Focus, adjust levels, measure distances etc.
STAGE 4 [NICOLE, IRINA, ANDREW (to deliver printed poster from shop)]: Create Poster for the poster presentation on December 4-5.
STAGE 5 [ALL PARTIES] December 4, morning: Set up box in Atrium basement along with poster.


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