Unit 1 Weekly Assignments

Unit 1 Outline


A. Could you imagine going to school and being so bored and disinterested that teaching yourself would yield better results?

B. Talking about the boredom I felt throughout my education

C. School never hardly helped me academically, the only real use I’ve found from it is building bonds through social interactions.

Body Paragraph #1:

i.  School never really felt useful to me, anything educational I could learn there I could teach myself better at home.

ii. I learn best from hands-on activities, but only 1 or 2 out of  5 teachers ever taught like that so I’d always end up falling behind due to lack of engagement.

iii. I would always end up doing better in my engineering or science classes than anything else, there might be the occasional one-off assignment in another class that required us to construct an object or was a research paper.

iv. That lack of focus and interest showed more than I would like to admit and the only thing that ever worked to mitigate or get rid of entirely was teaching myself

Body Paragraph #2:

i. School moved too slow for most of my classes to interest me in any real way.

ii. Classes were dangerously boring and moved at a pace I had grown too comfortable with, I would put in almost no effort and get decent grades so I stopped caring, up until I saw that I was on a track towards failure.

iii. One of my teachers would always come up to me and ask why I was falling behind because she knew I could do better, she had previously seen me get engaged and end just below the top of my class.

iv. I struggled to force myself to pass these lackluster classes so that I wouldn’t have to retake them, but that I just ended up in more of the same.

Body Paragraph #3

i. I did however meet some really great people throughout my past school years.

ii. I made some friends with students and teachers alike who have each helped me in various ways outside of school.

iii. A few of my teachers helped me get into one of my first jobs, as well as support me overall outside of school.

iv. This itself is probably what made school worth it in the end, but it definitely wasn’t enough to make up for the lack of use school served for me academically.


A. School had next to no academic value to me, but it did help me meet some great people.

B. I always ended up learning the subjects on my own rather than in classes. The boredom I felt from the ease of the work was enough to demoralize me. I am however glad I made friends with a few of the people I went to school with.

C. After going over the pros and cons I honestly think they’re even, I’m still at the same standstill on whether or not it was worth it that I’ve always been in.

Weekly Assignments

Backpacks vs. Briefcases

The genre I find myself interacting with the most is graphic novels. The medium for graphic novels is split between reading a physical copy in book format or reading it online in digital format. The books can range from tens of pages to a couple hundred, they’re mainly characterized as longer comics with a coherent narrative throughout the novel rather than being split between several issues, though a fair amount of comics will create graphic novels out of several issues that tie into one another to be read all the way through in one book. Graphic novels are characterized by being images of the story drawn out with dialogue included, it usually skips the descriptive text about the scenery that other books use because it can be seen and doesn’t need to be imagined by the audience. The tone, humor, and language depend solely on the creator, but for action and comedic scenes especially, these novels usually dedicate text bubbles to sound effects or other use of the images to further enhance a given scene or panel. As previously stated the language isn’t necessarily descriptive in the same way a book is because graphic novels can skip over describing a location or event because it can be seen by the viewers and only explains these things if deemed necessary or out of preference.

Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue” is an autobiographical piece depicting some of her experiences with language. The language used is very exemplified and descriptive, mentioning specific events from her past as well as her view on terms synonymous with “Broken language”. She writes about particular experiences in which she has had to talk for her mother while pretending to be here just to get people to take her mother’s requests seriously. As well as how she sees her English skills as average when compared to her mathematics and science.

Discussions Weekly Assignments

“How to Read Like a Writer”

Mike Bunn means that throughout the course of our life we either have or will have written many different pieces and or genres of writing, therefore turning ourselves into authors. Personally, I don’t think the things I write are of much interest considering I mainly write for school. Assignments given to me make up most of my portfolio of sorts, though I do write for fun, albeit not very often. I use words in many different ways on a day to day basis, the most common being for either vocal or text-based conversations, as well as when I’m reading, which I do quite often. These pre-existing experiences will make sure that I can complete work of either average or slightly above average work throughout the course of college. I don’t expect it to be phenomenal but I do know that I have very good basics which makes it a lot easier to improve or learn new styles or methods of writing.

I noticed his reasoning or the lens/mindset he viewed writing through/with. I plan to adapt that into my own style of writing. Seeing words as building blocks and turning those blocks into a stable structure. As well as thinking more analytically as if I were the author themself and map out the block’s placement and reasoning to create a better understanding of the text. Focusing on my reactions as well as what specifically made me think or believe what it did is the final piece I plan to thoroughly incorporate. My reading and comprehension are shallow when it comes to the usually boring texts I get from school but now I realize that even those boring texts have at least something to offer me.