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My perspective of education has changed over the years .

Learning new languages, adapting to a new curriculum was not always as easy.
My emotions in middle school to beginning of high school were feeling scared of embarrassing myself or frustrated because I was doing something simpler than other kids.

Being someone that doesn’t like asking for help or even asking twice when I didn’t understand made me work harder as soon as I got home I would be trying to figure out what the words meant ,I would only watch tv ,read books in Spanish till I spoke it but when I was studying in Switzerland ,I realize that it’s easier and faster to learn languages when your communicating and letting yourself make mistakes.

In terms of grades and getting my work done I always tried my best  ,as I got older I started adapting quicker enabling me to fully learn and feel more comfortable as when I was growing up even when I spoke the language, I was very shy, specially back in Spain, one of the things teacher would always say that I would never put my hand up despite knowing the answer or having finished earlier than the rest and barely talked.

I actually did enjoy  learning when I was young but when I moved high schools to the UK I started falling behind ,at first I always kept to myself  trying to adapt but in high school everything was different.

Between lack of motivation and being distracted I limited myself from learning and it did not help that I didn’t really like the school, at that  point I was only looking forward to the fun at lunch time and after school rather than how to get good grades. I left with 3 Gcse which according to my school I wouldn’t be able to “move forward “.

My college experience it’s what made me focus back in school, this one particular teacher really helped me ,she made sure me and my friends always completed our work at the best possible ,she would tell us to stay over and review what we done so far to help us even though we wasn’t the best students but she always looked out for us and kept us from getting in trouble and excluded as schools in UK are very strict ,as well the course I was doing was art and travel and tourism, getting to go out and travel every now and then was a nice experience which made us enjoy the course more and kept us motivated to pass the class. The qualification from this school and my high school is what brought me here today as this is what got me into this university/college and opened many opportunities for me.

In conclusion at this present day I believe education is very important and that my experience has helped shape me into the person that I am as to me this was more than just education ,this is something that plays a big part in my personal life, it didn’t only give me qualifications but also is the reason why I am able to speak 4 languages fluently, and able to adapt quickly not to mention the knowledge it gave me.


Unit 1

Unit 1 outline – asset

Introduction : My perspective and experience with education.

My opinion on education/school, and the impact it has on your personal life and the way you think. How there is more to schools than educational learning but also personal life experiences.

Body Paragraph:  the differences of the languages to stages of school in the 4 main countries I studied in, how I carried it myself throughout.

Body paragraph : The struggles of moving around in terms of education such as being new and learning the languages and the impact it had on me.

Despite doing well feeling like school wasn’t necessary.

So what if I had dropped out ? 

Body paragraph: How I learnt to adapt and used what I learnt throughout my education and which was the main school experience that impacted/changed my view on education.

Was education really that important ? Does it contribute to the career I want to do ?

 Conclusion: What my whole experience taught me and my overall opinion

Did it really help me advance ? Is it benefiting me in today’s education and life?

Discussions Weekly Assignments

How to read like a writer –

In The article of Mike bunn he writes “You are already an author”  I believe he refers to us specially students on how we write in the daily basis from emails to assignments to cover letters , I believe that writing or being an author  goes beyond writing articles or books but more of what you yourself wrote and that could be anything as it would classify us as the author of it, even though  I personally mostly write for school specially English as this where I’m needed to write essays or assignment based on analization from a context.

In “How to read like a writer “ reminds of how different I read in my English classes compare to the way I read for other classes as in other classes I read for the purposes of understanding the context as whole however  when reading to write is different  because you’re reading while looking for techniques and strategy that writer used while also reading to understand why the writer used such techniques and the effects it has in the readers to be able translate it into your own writing .

This article has lot of good advice that would contribute to making my writing better but some of the things that I’ve noticed in Mike bunn article that I’d like to mostly use in my own writing is the asking myself questions before the reading as I do ask myself questions after reading but never before I think this actually something that’ll very useful to help me be more focused on what I’m looking for in the text ,I would also like to use the method of starting with a  quote as I feel like sometimes I struggle on how to start an essay but if I started it with the purpose then I can go straight into the explaining which would be a lot easier.