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Joel’s Coffeehouse Post #4

            Throughout “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, written by Robert Louis Stevenson we have encountered scenes of mysteries and violence. a character that stood out the most, meaning, one of the main characters created throughout this novel is Mr. Hyde who was created using science by Dr. Jekyll. On the other hand, we have “the Invisible Man”, an excerpt by Ralph Ellison, the invisible man being the narrator himself describing his life as an invisible person to society’s eye. Mr. Hyde and the Invisible Man both have similarities as well as differences. Whether in behavior, emotions, and society’s point of view towards them. 

            Throughout the chapters of “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, readers were presented with mysteries and strange cases that involve violence. The main character, Mr. Hyde is one of the characters that was the most involved and mentioned, but less seen until reaching the end of the story. Mr. Hyde can be described as a horrifying creature even though there is not a proper description of his appearance. His actions are the ones that can mostly be described due to his evil desires to cause harm. 

            Now, throughout the excerpt of “The Invisible Man”, at the beginning of the story, he described himself as a regular person with feelings, but the only difference was that he is invisible to society. Being invisible to society caused him to have this anger and distrust in society. 

            One of the similarities that stood out the most was the fact the Invisible Man almost killed an individual on the streets late at night. In comparison to Mr. Hyde, he committed a crime at night where throughout the story all his crime was done. Setting plays a huge role in both stories. Dark, which can represent a sense of evil and bad things happening which connects to the definition of Gothic.  

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  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Thanks for sharing this draft. You raise many points, and, as you continue to revise and lengthen this essay, I would try to focus on just a couple of these terms. Certainly the idea of invisibility is important to the Ellison story–but that involves racial injustice, while Hyde does not suffer that issue. Could Hyde still be invisible? Maybe Jekyl hides Hyde in his wealth and class. That difference might be worth considering. Also, setting is very important. So, Invisibility and setting might lead you to consider the ethics of CGI.
    -Prof. Scanlan

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