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19) Tommy Buri’s Response to Chapter 31

In chapter 31 the Karnak ends up in Shellal where they begin to mention that Simon Doyle needs a stretcher from his injuries. Once he is finally placed onto a stretcher Simon was moved along the deck. Then Jacqueline appeared and followed Simon’s stretcher and they begin to talk. Simon says, “I messed it up” and apologized to Jackie. While Jackie responds with calmness saying “It’s all right, Simon,” then all of sudden she pulls out a weapon from her stocking and shot Simon Doyle. Simon’s body is on the stretcher with no pulse, Jackie looks at Poirot and shoots herself in her chest. In conclusion, Jackie and Simon died when they landed at Shellal in a similar way to Romeo and Juliet, Jackie killed herself once she knew Simon was gone just like Juliet killed herself once she realized Romeo was already dead.

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