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Final Exam Information for Thursday, May 19–SUBMIT VIA BLACKBOARD











Final Exam, Literature into Film, ENG 2400

Spring 2022, Prof. Sean Scanlan




1–This is an “open book” exam, which means you may use the texts, class notes, OpenLab, and the handouts that we have studied. Proofread your work. Use a spell/grammar check. 


2–Copy and paste this exam into a Google Doc or MS Word Doc. Type your answers below each question—please provide space between questions and please use a different font for your answers to make reading/grading easy. Do not use the Pages word processing app by Apple—it doesn’t work with BlackBoard.


3—VERY IMPORTANT: SUBMIT IN BLACKBOARD, Click on “Final Exam for ENG2400” then upload your doc using the “Attach Files” feature before 4pm on May 19.


Note: This exam is worth 100 points total.


Class Info for Tuesday, May 17

1–Final Exam is in-class on Thursday, May 19–via BBD

2–Final Essay is due by Midnight, May 19–via BBD


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an open-book exam. You may use your notes while taking the exam. You may refer to our texts and films and handouts, too. You may not discuss your exam with others.



Study Guide:


Part 1: Concepts and terms:


5-part reading tool



Exchange concepts: see page 15 in notepad





-to forgive




Linda Cahir’s Translation terms:

Literal translation

Traditional translation

Radical translation




Film Terms: There are 48—lets select the most important 12

–mise en scene



–sound–nd and d

–angle and focus

–shot versus scene





5 types of ethics and empathy






Part 2: Quotation Identification


TOS: Act V


DOTN: Chapter 24, 30, 31



PART 3: short essay

Short Essay Questions will be drawn from key concepts. I will provide two or three questions, and students will select one and write a short essay response. 200-300 words.

Class Info for Thursday, May 12

1–Review end of semester schedule

2–Review Empathy handout

3–Complete Coffeehouse #3 if you have not done so

4–Watch Death on the Nile

5–Discussion of ethics

HOMEWORK: Finish reading the novel. Extra Credit assignment worth 10 points (participation)–Answer this question: what is your favorite scene in the film and does it match up to the novel? [100 words] and post to OpenLab Category “DOTN Extra Credit”

Class Info for Tuesday, May 10

*Today we will try to watch a lot of Kenneth Brannagh’s Death on the Nile.

**I’ve posted a student sample for the final essay in the Readings menu tab.



Homework for Thursday: Coffeehouse #3: Questions about Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile (1937)

Answer your question and post to correct Category: Coffeehouse #3

**Note: if your question takes place near the end of the novel, please read ahead–see chapters indicated after question.


Directions: Post the answer to your question in Coffeehouse #3. Make sure to include your full name in the post. The answer should be about 100 words to get full credit. If your question can be answered simply, or in few words, then in order to expand your post (and get full credit) you may include the phrase “What this means is that…” or “This is important to the mystery because…”



Mohamed 1–Who is Tim Allerton, and what is his relationship with his mother like? Chapter 1, section 8


Jaheim 2–Who is Rosalie Robson, and what is her relationship with her mother like? Chapter 1, section 9


Eduardo 3–Describe Mrs. Otterbourne and her daughter Rosalie. Chapter 1, section 12


Nicolas 4–In the long argument between HP and Linnet in chapter 4, they discuss who is right and wrong: Simon, Jackie, and Linnet. What is HP’s conclusion to the ideas of guilt and choice?


Isiah 5–Explain what is meant by the sun and moon metaphor on page 88. Who tells this story and who is listening? Ch 5


Rubab 6–Who is Colonel Race, why is he on the boat beginning at Abu Simbel, and what is his relationship to Hercule Poirot like? Ch 11


Eddy 7–Why did Pennington attempt to roll a boulder onto Linnet at Abu Simbel? Ch 26


Victoria 8–Jackie shot Doyle, but why is it established that she could not have shot Linnet? Ch 13


Ashley 9–What did Rosalie Otterbourne throw into the water the night of the murders, and why? Ch 19


Jason 10–Who stole Linnet’s pearls, and who replaced them with fake pearls? Ch 21


Kayla 11–Who is found under her own bed, dead? How did she die? Why was she killed? Ch 23


Suzan 12–What was Salome Otterbourne about to reveal when she was shot? Ch 24


Aleks 13–Who is Mr. Ferguson really? And who does he want to marry? Ch 25


Justin 14-Who is Richetti? And who is he actually revealed to be in the end? Ch 7, Ch 28


Cameron 15–Who does Cornelia Robson marry at the end and why? Ch 28, Ch 31


Uriel 16–Who does Rosalie marry at the end? Why is this surprising? Ch 27


Kiara 17–How does the telegram that Linnet accidentally intercepted become the “vegetarian” clue that tells Race who the dangerous agitator is? Ch 28


Jordin 18–The nail polish seems a small detail, but it actually very important for the plan of deceiving the passengers about the Simon’s leg wound. Explain.  Ch 29


Tommy 19–What happens to Jackie and Simon when they land at Shellal? Ch 31


Jeremy 20–It seems HP knew that Jackie had two pistols, why does he let her keep the second one? Ch 31


Maria 21–At the very end, Mr. Burnaby comments that “it doesn’t seem to have done her much good,” what is the “it” in this quote? Ch 31


Christopher 22–Who is least ethical character: Tim Allerton or Pennington? Ch 18, 26, 27






May 5:

Ethics and Final Essay instructions

Characters in DOTN

Watch first 44 minutes

Reading: up to 207

May 10:

Discuss themes and ethics (student example?)

Watch second 44 minutes

Homework: Reading up to 283 and review the Empathy handout (and the 5 types of ethics handout)

May 12:

Discuss Final Essay

Watch last third of the film

Homework:Reading up to 317

May 17:

Discuss drafting the Final Essay; Final Exam review

Rewatch important scenes

Homework:Reading up to 416 (end)

May 19:

Final Exam during class

Final Essay is due at midnight. There are no exceptions to this deadline. Early submissions are encouraged.

May 24:

Last day of class. Extra credit points will be awarded for coming to class

Quiz 3 and class info

Quiz 3, ENG 2400, Prof. Scanlan, Spring 2022



1—Paste this quiz into the body of an email–use your City Tech email only

2—Answer each question. Make sure to leave a space between questions and answers. Proofread you answer.

3—Make sure to put your full name in the subject line like this:

ENG2400 Quiz 3, Full Name

4—Email your quiz to me by 3:05pm. sscanlan@citytech.cuny.edu




  1. At the end of Act IV of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, Katherine, Hortensio, and Petruchio are traveling to Padua for Bianca’s wedding when they meet an old man also traveling to Padua. This older man is Vincentio, Lucentio’s father. Why does Katherine say the following to Vincentio, who is clearly an old man? [approximately 40 words]


“Young budding virgin, fair and fresh and sweet,

Whither away, or where is they abode?

Happy the parents of so fair a child!

Happier the man whom favorable stars

Allots thee for his lovely bedfellow.”




  1. In class we discussed the possible ways to view the scene in Zeffirelli’s The Taming of the Shrew where both Katherine and Petruchio are drinking wine after Bianca’s wedding and they look at several children playing. What do you think is going through their minds? Back up your answer by referencing the film with concrete examples. [approximately 40 words]




  1. Briefly describe one way in which Patrick Verona (in 10 Things I Hate about You) is similar to Petruchio and one way in which he is not. Provide a concrete example for each answer. [approximately 40 words]




  1. In Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile, who is Linnet thinking about marrying? Who does Jackie really want to marry? And what favor does Jackie ask of Linnet? [approximately 40 words]

Class Info for Tuesday, April 26

1–Review of ending of Zeffirelli’s The Taming of the Shrew

2–Watch 48 minutes of Gil Junger’s 10 Things I Hate about You (1999)

3–Preparation for Quiz 3 on Thursday. Please arrive on time to take the quiz.

4–Introduction of Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile (1937)


HOMEWORK: Prepare for Thursday’s Quiz 3 (Act IV in Shakespeare, Zeffirelli–final 12 minutes, Beginning of 10 Things, First 22 pages of Death on the Nile)

Class Info for Thursday, April 14



*Review terms:

1–Misogyny–hatred or prejudice against women

2–Equality–the state of being on level terms in status, rights, and opportunity  (fairness)

3–Inequality–opposite of equality. Unjust or unfair distribution of opportunities and justice and rights and status

4–Arranged Marriage–A marital arrangement in which the couple themselves do not make the match


*Review Act V Quotations


*Watch Zeffirelli version of Act V


*Discussions Questions:

–How does Kate act when privately shamed and when publicly shamed?

–Does the ending prove Kate loves Petruchio (and vice versa), or that Kate merely accepts Petruchio’s rules of civility, or is Kate and Petruchio play acting a role that is not genuine?


HOMEWORK: No homework over spring break. But we will have a quiz over TOS on April 28.

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