Reflection 3: Hannah Jones

In the article called “The 1619 Project” of the writers called Nikole Hannah Jones talks about black Americans and how they never had freedom and equality in the United States. Through her article she talks about how black Americans deserve the respect and equality because they constructed and transformed United States most attracted spots. Without them we wouldn’t have those beautiful attractive tourists spots. Throughout the years they never got credit for it, it was always the white Americans who got the credit and they just left the black Americans on the side . That’s what basically Hannah Jones is trying to tell us throughout her article how black Americans should get the respect and how they should be treated equally forever . I feel like in this article it doesn’t only fit for black Americans but also immigrants. For example there are many  camps that immigrants are in and those camps are in bad shape, without beds for to sleep on, there are no medication and they also have a few food supplies for them to eat. They have those immigrants in those camps because they rather not have them in the United States when because they think they are taking their jobs with their food away and that those immigrants are making look bad. But actually have helped the United States rise up on population and also have many different cultures here. I consider myself Ecuadorian-American not only American because I have to support both of my countries,but sometimes the way Americans treat other people for example Hispanic, black people or Asians it just makes me not want to support United states. I don’t like how Americans discriminate other people. Everyone in America are supposed to have equality just like the declaration of independence said ” all men are created equal “. That’s one of the reasons why Hannah Jones doesn’t like about America. Why would they founding fathers say that if they don’t even believe it. What was the whole reason? Did they just want to live under a lie? I think it’s just pure evil how white Americans view us Hispanics and black Americans as people who aren’t supposed to step in the United States.

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