6,000 Word Portfolio–contents

This is your final collection of work.  One of the objectives is to explore the best way to package or format your work, yes, for the class, but also for another audience.  The entire portfolio should be put on an electronic file and sent to me.  It includes:

  1.  Your paper on/discussion of Junot Diaz; you may include your blog reflections.
  2. 1619 research review of 4 articles.  Should include works cited, see previous post.  We read Hannah-Jones, Wilentz, Lindsay, Magness, and F. Douglass.  There were other sources including the lecture on video of Professor Edna Green Medford.  You can include your blog reflections.
  3. Multi-Modal project aimed at an audience other than the professor with 1000 word reflection on your piece and a reflection on the whole class.
  4. Reflections on Corona-virus pandemic and move to distance learning at Cuny.

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