In the article called “The 1619 Project” written by one of the authors named Nikole Hannah Jones, she informs the audience about black Americans and how they never had the freedom and equality in the United States. Through her story she expresses how black Americans deserve the respect and equality because they constructed and transformed United States. Without them we wouldn’t have those beautiful and adventurist areas. During the years they never got credit for it, it was always the white Americans who got the credit and they counted out the black Americans. The main focus for Hannah Jones is to inform us throughout her article how black Americans should get the respect and how they should be treated equally like everyone else. I believe in this article it doesn’t only fit for black Americans but also immigrants. For example, there are many camps that immigrants are in and those camps are in bad shape, without beds for to sleep on, there are no medication and they also have very little food supplies for them to eat. I consider myself an Albanian-American not only American because I have to support both of my countries, but sometimes the way Americans treat other people for example Hispanic, black people or Asians it just makes me not want to support United states.

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