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Works Cited List for Research Review

Professor James Wu

(Please note:  Alphabetical order by last name of author.  Publication source and date.  You can copy these listings.)


Douglas, Frederick. “Learning How to Read and Write.”

Excerpt from Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglas, originally published 1845.

“Secession and War”

Excerpt from Life and Times of Frederick Douglass (Frederick Douglass‘ third autobiography) published in 1881, revised in 1892 (“Learning Abe” website does not cite correct source.)

Hannah-Jones, Nikole. “The Idea of America. Introduction to 1619 Project.” New York Times Magazine. August 18, 2019.

Magness, Phillip W. “Fact-Checking the 1619 Project and its Critics.” American Institute for Economic Research website.   December 23, 2019.

Medford, Edna Greene. Lecture, recorded on video. “Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation.” Lincoln Forum Symposium. Gettysburg, PA. November 19, 2017. C-Span website.

Lindsay, Tom. “After all, American Invented Slavery, Didn’t It?” Forbes Magazine website. August 19, 2019.

Wilentz. Sean. “American Slavery and the Relentless Unforeseen.” The New York Review of Books website. December 27, 2019.

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