Assignment #8


Client / Client contact information:
Snickers Mars Candybar

30-second commercial for Snickers Candybar

1) Background / Overview:

Snickers is a brand name candy bar made by Mars, Inc. It consists of nougat topped with caramel and peanuts, covered in milk chocolate.
Priced affordably versus Godiva, Sonoma etc.

2) What is the objective, the purpose, tone of the ad?

Commercial is expressed as playful and entertaining. Objective is to create a desire for Snickers, “Need a moment, grab a Snickers.”

The ad will be memorable and recognizable through interesting characters.

3) Target audience: who are we talking to?

This campaign will be aimed at people with a love for chocolate.

The primary target will be from customer database: male and female, 15 to 45 year olds, who crave a chocolate snack.

This audience is aware of its competitors, but have a clear preference for Snickers. They like to enjoy a satisfying treat.

4) Where will this play?

This commercial will play on tv, during “prime-time;” when most people are home.