Assignment #2

•Exterior: City Park
•A person jogs at a leisurely pace.
•An out of control rollerblader enters the park across from the jogger.
•The jogger passes a couple walking their dog.
•The jogger stops to pet the dog before continuing on.
•The rollerblader intersects the path of the jogger, and trips over the jogger’s foot.
•The rollerblader collides with a park bench.


Scene begins with extreme long shot. The camera is positioned a good distance away and depicts a sitting area in the park. It purposefully shows the environment of the scene. No characters are visible yet.

Camera slowly pans across the parks landscape.

While slowly horizontally panning, shot changes to medium shot.

We are closer to the subjects to show detail of attire and features. Now a couple walking dog (only leash and mid torsos are visible) and the knees of a person medium shot jogging at a leisurely pace, can be seen.

There is an abrupt change to a long shot, to establish a sense of hurriedness. As we see an out of control rollerblader.

Three shot focuses on the jogger passes that passes a couple walking their dog.

Over-the-shoulder of the jogger that stops to pet the dog before continuing on, camera is tight around characters. Then shot becomes long shot as we see the rollerblader zooming past the couple and tripping over the jogger’s foot.

Slow panning following the falling motion of the blader. Plainly out of control as he collides into the park bench, in canted shot to demonstrate a sense of disorientation. Still canted, even as he lands to a stop.



  1. Jogger: tall male, mid-20s, bald and cheery disposition. Listens to music as he jogs. Dressed in shorts and a plain white tee. Not very muscular, but slender/ lean.
  2. Rollerblader: average height male, late-teens, sort of awkward and lanky. Wearing snug-fit active wear. Striped shirt with tan shorts and knee pads. Frenzied disposition, seems to be in a hurry.
  3. Couple: Petite female and average height male, both early thirties. Male casually dressed with a grey tee and cargo pants. Female wears button down shirt with olive skirt. Clearly happy and walking through park at a slow casual pace.
  4. Dog: Younger fun-loving, and alert dog. Loves to run and will roam if given the chance. Friendly towards non-threatening strangers. Very social dog that loves human companionship. Obedient to couple.