Assignment #11

Twix Storyboard TV Spot

Music: “*” by: M83

Time: 30 seconds

Target Audience: Person experiencing hectic day (18-30 YO)

Tone: Humorous

LS: Mother sitting in livingroom relaxing, all she wants is some peace and quiet after a long day at work.
We see crave-o-meter (for twix) is rather low. Also detail of visual is simple.
SFX: Choppy sounds of flipping through tv channels.
SFX: Crash is heard in distance.

LS: Mother approaches origin or crash noise and sees child has broken a vase. Crave-o-meter is slowly increasing. Detail of visual begins to become detailed.

MS: Frustration builds, music reflects this. Crave-o-meter continues to increase rapidly now. Detail of visual reflects the “intense-ness” of her mood.

CU: Mother gives and a reaches for a snickers. Crave-o-meter continues to increase rapidly .

SFX: Package is savagely ripped open, crunch as she bites into the Twix. The crave-o-meter is fully loaded. Detail of this frame is is very close up (CU), compared to previous frames to show intense crave being fulfilled.

CU: Product shot
VO: “Need a Moment, Grab a Twix!”