Assignment #4

Part 1: * HAVING SOME SCANNER ISSUES* Pictures are dark, not sure why.

Part 2: Through the use of exciting camera angles and mood lighting, create an exciting/suspenseful scene.

Dusk with a lowering sun, still rather bright.

-Man opens door to unmarked building to enter shabby lobby. Full shot

– Man pays Boss and is then lead rooftop, Man is handed a key. Point-of-View Shot (POV) panning to CU

– A Guard is seen aggressively restraining a Girl whose head is bowed. (two shot)

– Guard releases Girl and walks away. MS

– Man approaches Girl and un-cuffs her. Two shot

– Girl looks up to Man (finally making eye contact), her face is tired and sad. Over Shoulder Shot

– Small smile appears, as the two embrace. MS

– “Dad,” the Girl yells, as the two are finally reunited. Full shot