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Anie Yvon’s ePortfolio

I’m a Graphic Designer who designs unique advertising posters, logo brands, illustrations, and digital arts, also planning on starting a business brand. I’m willing to expand my knowledge based on what I’m […]

Chantel Cookson’s ePortfolio

This portfolio will show case my growth and work I have done this semester in my Digital Media Class.

Tiffany Weintraub’s ePortfolio

Tiffany Weintraub’s ePortfolio

Graphic Design Portfolio

Zi Hang Lian’s ePortfolio

COMD 4900 Internship In Communication Design

Jaylah Jones’s ePortfolio

Comd design student.

Aiesha Bennett’s ePortfolio

Aiesha Bennett’s ePortfolio

Communication Design Student

Angy Vasquez’s ePortfolio

My Projects

Delia Gil-Galvez’s ePortfolio

Delia Gil-Galvez’s ePortfolio

My COMD Portfolio

Sandra Cheng’s Portfolio

Sandra Cheng is an art historian in the Humanities Department.

Brianna Edwards’s ePortfolio

Brianna Edwards’s ePortfolio

This is my Portfolio for my COMD

Stephanie Erazo’s ePortfolio

I’m Stephanie Arleen Erazo, a Hispanic-American illustrator and designer based in Houston, Texas, and New York City. My Interests include illustration, design, and branding in both digital and traditional. My w […]

Ibrahima Diallo’s ePortfolio

My name is Ibrahima Diallo, and this is my eportfolio in which I show certain content of designs from assignments I’ve done and maybe additional content I’ve done in my free time