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Homework #7: More Colleges Plunging Into Uncharted Waters of On-Line Courses

At the beginning of the article the writer shows how important technology is in education by mentioning competition between the Universities in Florida; also, he mentions how professors using technology into their courses. No College was sure that on-line program would be effective because it costs a lot of thousands of dollars to design one course. However, they did not realize the benefit of it for the hardworking parents who desperate wants to go to college. For instance, Michele Acuna, a 34-year-old mother with 2 teenagers, who could not assist campus courses due to her work schedule. Fortunately, she was able to take on-line courses using her laptop in her bedroom every night for five weeks in order to achieve her goal. Another example is Jeremy Carlo, a sophomore student, who could not assist a campus course due to the schedule. He took it on-line and he was pleased to it because he stated that β€œit was nice that you did not have to be somewhere from 4 to 5:30. Furthermore, the writer explain the value of on-line program not only by the growth of on-line classes in several universities but also with the statement of American Association of Universities Professors, which is β€œ on-line learning could be β€œa valuable pedagogical tool to increase access to higher education.

In my opinion using technology in education is a step forward to break down barrier between hardworking parents who want to accomplish their college goal and work. Furthermore, on-line program breaks boundary for those who have preferred college or University; also, it makes it easy for procrastinators to assist classes because of its flexibility. Some professors and Dean from high rank colleges and universities do know the necessity of technology in education, but there are still doubted the system maybe because they fear it might take away traditional campus courses or maybe they fear it might not bring revenue.


Link: http://www.nytimes.com/1998/11/02/us/more-colleges-plunging-into-uncharted-waters-of-on-line-courses.html

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  1. Kate Poirier

    Sounds like an interesting article, Jodel! It seems like colleges and universities are still trying to figure out how best to offer online courses, but it can be really helpful in attracting students who might not be able to attend otherwise. (I think you meant “attend” instead of “assist,” right?)

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