Fall 2016 - Professor Kate Poirier

HW # 7 “Does Using Technology Help Students Retain Information They Learn?”

In the article the author begins talking about how the students in a 2nd grade class were able to use power point in the class. The author talks about integrating technology into the lesson. The article also talks about the positives about using technology in the classroom. Giving surveys to the students and asking questions to know how much does technology affect the students. Talking about how technology technology is a good thing for students in the classroom. The author learned that when students were using technology in the classroom that the students aren’t afraid to try things and also that the children are growing up in a world where technology plays a big part. From the reading the students were able to remember more from using the computers in the presentations.

From reading the article I like how the the author had questions that they were wondering about and found the answers that they were looking for. I like how the author uses students from a middle school for his inquiry. I like how you start off with a simple topic of trying to explain powerpoint to the middle school students. I think that the research that the person did with the middle school students was smart because teaching technology to younger generation is a good way to with learning technology in schools. I enjoyed the questions that you still had from doing this experiment with the middle school students.

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  1. Kate Poirier

    Hi Gary. This sounds like an interesting article. It seems like a good idea to start off with something relatively simple, like Powerpoint. Do you know if students were creating slideshows of their own? My favorite part of your review is this line: “when students were using technology in the classroom that the students aren’t afraid to try things.” Wow, one of my biggest struggles when I’m teaching students who’ve struggled with math in the past is to convince them to jump in and get their hands dirty—not to be afraid of getting something wrong on the first try (because the first try is usually wrong for everybody). If technology can help them get over their fear, that’s great!

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